It’s no secret that 2-Work are a team of dog lovers and that our resident security team are made up of two Yorkshire Terriers, Bailey & Bear, who can often be found trailing our team members around the office – or most likely, napping!

70% of people polled by The Kennel Club said that dogs alleviate stress in the workplace and 51% stated that dogs improve morale and job satisfaction. It also comes as no surprise to learn that a further 67% go on to explain that dogs make the office atmosphere more friendly and provide employees with a built in stress reducer!

If we counted the pats and cuddles our resident dogs received on a daily basis, then the above statistics are invariably true!


As breeds vary and have their own unique attributes and personalities, a laid back temperament is essential to office life. With the comings and goings of numerous people, noise from phones and constant chatter, some dogs would not fare too well in the work environment.

But having a dog who is also upbeat, social and happy to be cuddled, cajoled and fussed over also makes for a happy working environment.

We discovered that Maltese are often an ideal choice due to their relaxed nature allowing their owners the freedom to conduct meetings and run projects without too much fuss required. They are also a sociable dog good with people and other office dogs too. As a breed, they shed very little, despite their long coats and are small enough that they can curl up on your lap for a snooze whilst you work away.

There must be a consideration for distractions too – dogs who bark, chew or are generally considered high energy breeds may not be the ideal co-worker.

Offices who are dog friendly generally have a standard policy for application to the owners which allows a little flexibility but, more im-paw-tantly, guidance on general rules, regulations and etiquette. Nobody wants to be stepping in any “accidents” or losing their lunches off their desks to hungry pups.

It got us thinking, are there specific breeds that make better “office” dogs… with a little asking, some digging (not for bones) – we found a pawsome list.


  1. Maltese
  2. Great Dane (depending how big your office space is!)
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Vizlas
  5. Schnauzer
  6. Poodle
  7. Cocker Spaniel
  8. Labrador
  9. Beagle
  10. Golden Retriever

Noted that Yorkies didn’t make it into our top ten list…..don’t tell Bailey & Bear…..although we are biased…..they are the best!