A Workplace Revolution

2-work's model can be adapted, white labelled and tailored to meet the requirements of specific landlords. We can offer the operation of private, flexible office space, unbranded for clients to create their own identity.

Prepare your office for a new way of working

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We see this period in our lives as an opportunity to change the way we work in the long term, 2-work can provide the expertise to activate new and existing office locations for the better.

We are ready to help with the inevitable need for tenants to implement their fast changing office structure, where they will be looking for swift negotiations and a quick turnaround, so that they can get people working effectively


We help find the right solutions for safe, sustainable offices


We can help you provide Studio based office layouts with suitable social distancing measures


We can design and manage all your office accommodation to comply with Covid-19 government guidelines for safe working


We can offer low-capex, ready to occupy, furnished, managed spaces, on terms that are far more flexible than traditional leases


We can collaborate with landlords and investors to provide opportunities to fill spaces that have been vacated and help to reduce voids


We can help get business's back on track, help keep employers healthy both physically and mentally, in offices that are physically and digitally suitable

Our New New Social Distancing Workspace Designs:

We can implement social distancing measures and increase cleaning practices in your coworking spaces

Our team are here and ready to help

Stay Safe, Stay Protected, and Prepare for the Future

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