To understand the purpose of a company’s values is to understand the company itself. Many organisations mention their core values to every new recruit, but do they retain their purpose throughout the business from their day one employees to their retirees?

Many employees struggle to understand why core values exits and more than most would struggle to name one of their companies listed values. Yet, 39% of employees say that they wished they had more input and involvement in contributing to their company’s vision and values.

It is much more than team bonding days or back patting sessions for the high performers. Every single member of every single team should feel like they not only impart the values daily but that they are relevant and true to an organisations purpose.

Everyone should not only embrace them but believe in them and strive to achieve and deliver on them. But they can only do this if the values are indeed relevant and focused.

Values serve as a company’s guiding principles and not only help to shape the businesses culture but also influence its decision making, actions and long-term success.

In this month’s blog, we thought we’d explore 2-Works core values and how we foster them to help drive our business.


balance – the key to sustainable growth

Achieving an equal balance between work and personal life, harnessing a diverse and inclusive workforce whilst maintaining a focus on profit and productivity are vital elements of this value.

Balance promotes employee well-being, reduces burnout, and boosts motivation which delivers consistent productivity. Encouraging flexible work arrangements like a fair shift pattern, providing opportunities for upskilling and promotions, and supporting work-life integration are all contributors to the 2-Work ethos.

A team who feel involved, valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas are the true fabric of 2-Work. This also resonates through to our community who feel welcomed and at home with our team.


connection – building strong relationships

The value of connection goes beyond the conventional understanding of networking or partnerships. Its about the genuine correlation between employees, clients and stakeholders. When a company values connection, it emphasizes effective communication, empathy and active listening.

Having strong internal connections lead to improved collaboration, increased innovation and a high level of employee engagement. When your team feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie, they will always go the extra mile to achieve common goals.

Externally, nurturing connections with our clients creates a brand loyalty and trust. At 2-Work, we understand our clients needs and their feedback shapes and adapts our business to offer better products and services.


TOMORROW – Embracing Visionary Thinking

Future proofing any business must be key to longevity and success. Value in the future – or “tomorrow” – is offering a priority to strategic planning and recognising that in our business, it is forever changing and evolving so therefore being proactive and considering this value is essential to staying ahead of the curve.

Creative thinking, challenging the norm and exploring new possibilities are all elements embedded in the foundation of 2-Work. We are always looking to continuously improve our processes, embrace technology and remain competitive.

The flexspace sector has not only grown exponentially in the years prior to Covid-19 but continues to move faster than many industries to date.

Anticipating market trends and customer demands help us to revise our offerings and seize new opportunities. As a forward-thinking company, we value “tomorrow” and are not afraid to calculate the risks in order to achieve the long-term gain.


individual – empowering every team member

Celebrating the unique talents and strengths of each team member is an integral value at 2-Work. Recognising that their input is crucial to better understanding of not only how we operate, but how we choose to move forward as an organisation.

Providing teams with a supportive and safe environment which encourages not only personal growth, but professional development will ultimately pay dividends. Rewarding achievements instils a sense of pride and not only reassures your teams that they matter but gives them a sense of purpose in their career.

Autonomy and decision-making responsibility offers a sense of ownership and accountability. At 2-Work, we are confident our team feel heard and understood and that no matter how small their contribution may be, it has a large impact on our continued business efforts. They feel invested in the future of our business but also the care and wellbeing being of our clients.


Cultivating our values helps us underpin the four pillars of our company culture and our teams feel inspired, motivated and driven to help us build an organisation to be immensely proud of.

We adapt to challenges, we embrace revolution, and we forge long term and meaningful connections with not only one another, but with our clients. By making these values part of our identity, we navigate the competitive world of flexspace with a sustainable foundation for durable success.

We’d be interested to hear other businesses values and how they adopt them to build their own businesses?