Despite the wonderful and unlimited free bean to cup coffee on offer at 2-Work, we appreciate, a change of scenery for our members and visitors can be just what the creative juices need to keep you productive throughout the day.

Meeting friends, co-workers and colleagues for a coffee has innumerable wellbeing benefits and as it is rich in polyphenols, coffee produces a protective antioxidant effect.

Did you know that organic coffee beans have the higher antioxidant content, with light or medium roast blends being preferable to dark?

A moderate recommended daily level of caffeine intake is around 400mg. which equates to around 4 cups a day and this will vary from person to person depending on tolerance and general activity levels.

As a nation, and certainly a country of coffee lovers, we didn’t have to look too far to find a eclectic and interesting mix of places to visit for a decent cup of the good stuff.

Leeds has some of the most exciting and varied coffee shops when compared to other major cities and we found it was a hard press (pun intended!) to pick our favourites.

So, here’s a selection of a few of our favourite of the non-major brands to discover – we’d love to hear where you have been and which ones you would recommend…….



66-68 Wellington Street

Not just your average coffee shop – also licenced selling IPA blend beer as well as smoothies, delicious healthy bowls, a fabulous brunch menu, and lets not talk about the pastries and cakes on offer.


If….up north

18 York Place

With an extensive all day brunch menu, they also offer sandwiches and incredible coffee to eat in or take away. With sites dotted around Leeds, this has to be our favourite. Great staff, wonderful atmosphere and best of all, super coffee.


200 degrees

31 Bond Street

Passionate about coffee, the team at 200 Degrees know their stuff…they roast their coffee at 200 degrees centigrade to offer a smoother and deeper flavour. They then serve it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit….go figure! With food available, they have also developed a split serving area to speed up their takeaway service for commuters, rushing office workers or just people in a rush. Hot, super blended coffee quickly….sign us up!



16 New Station Street

Established in 2011, Laynes is a truly independent, barista owned coffee shop – and it shows. Undergoing an extension of their original shop, they offer a good range of food, a warm and welcoming environment and best of all, possibly Leeds best espresso! Grab and go or sit and savour, either way, you won’t be disappointed.


la bottega milanese

2 Bond Court

Boasting (& roasting) their 100% speciality grade Arabica coffee, they roast their coffee right in the heart of Yorkshire every Tuesday.

They offer a wonderful range of food to compliment their exclusive blended coffee and with the opportunity to purchase bags of their quality product, what’s not to like. They are also dog friendly so no excuse to stop in with your furry pals – or just to pet other peoples pups whilst enjoying your coffee.