2-Work Announced as Operators of Accrington Coworking Space

2-Work is excited to announce that we’ve been selected to operate the new flexible coworking office space set to open at Accrington’s historic Burtons Chambers in 2025.

This stunning neoclassical/art deco property will be transformed into a vibrant working environment designed to foster community and collaboration. Our aim is to provide a platform where businesses can thrive and grow.

The new space will be tailored to meet the diverse needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It will feature a combination of private offices and coworking spaces, complete with meeting rooms and other amenities similar to those in our successful flexspaces across the North.

2-Work Co-Director Gal Leslie stated, “We are thrilled to have been selected as the operator for Burtons Chambers. Our goal is to create a modern, collaborative environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and community growth. Together, we will build a space where individuals and businesses can thrive, connect, and contribute to Accrington’s community.”


Artist Impression of Burtons Chambers Redevelopment into a coworking space in Accrington

CGI of Burtons Chambers


The redevelopment of the former Burtons Tailors building is part of the broader Accrington Town Square transformation, which also includes the Grade II listed Town Hall and Market Hall. This project represents a significant investment in the town’s future, blending heritage with modern functionality.

Janthea Griffin, 2-Work’s Co-Director, added, “As our plans come together, we’re looking forward to sharing information about how local businesses and business people can learn more about our vision for Accrington and the workspace that will be available in this fantastic heritage building.”

With this project, 2-Work aims to create a dynamic space that not only preserves the historical element of Burtons Chambers, but also meets the contemporary needs of today’s workspaces.