RTW Guidelines


We will continue to review and amend our policies and procedures in place to reflect government guidelines.

We will provide access to our offices 24/7, and will make all the adjustments necessary to enable our customers to work as normally as possible.

All sanitisation, circulation and signage will be dedicated to the care, health and wellbeing of our members and guests.

One-way systems and screens will be present in our offices where necessary, to ease congestion and maintain social distancing.

Directional signage and Social distancing markers will be used.

Face coverings should be worn while moving through the space and in communal areas.


Our community is what makes 2-work so special, and we put the comfort and working environment of our businesses at the forefront of our delivery offer.

We will be exploring all avenues to enable our community to integrate both virtually and physically.


Advised limits and capacities will be displayed for all of our meeting rooms, and it is advised to use alternative seats and avoid sitting directly opposite someone whilst using the room. Web cameras will be present in our larger meeting rooms to aid virtual meetings.

While we will be working hard to keep the our rooms clean, we will be supplying cleaning provisions also to facilitate the wiping down of surfaces, equipment, pens.


Members will be required to register external guests in advance and provide details to enable contact tracing.


We will ensure the regular cleaning of high contact points, we will also need our customers to work together to help keep the space clean and safe. At this time they will help in the following ways:

There will be antibacterial spray in all break out spaces for them to clean down regularly.


An increase in cleaning of high traffic areas and high contact surfaces will be implemented throughout the day.

We will ensure that the total capacity of any of our spaces are limited to allow for correct social distancing

The cleaning team will do a full desk clean every week.


We will ensure regular emptying of our recycling bins to avoid any build up.


Our HVAC systems will be tested to ‘maximise’ the fresh air in our buildings.