Membership Packages

WIFI connectivity is at the heart of our office service, and our workplace technology matters:

Our systems include:

  • Enhanced Roaming
  • The ability to connect from home as if the tenant was in the office
  • New VPN solutions
  • Enhanced device sharing
  • Enhanced WIFI management
  • Coworking management software
Our offices can offer full flexibility for our tenants and members...


Drop in and pay by the hour for as long as the members want to stay

Ideal for impromptu meetings, for writing a few quick emails, for just grabbing a coffee, while the member meets some colleagues to network for a while

Suitable for providing a business with everything it needs that can’t be found at home


Membership for any 15 days in a month, which can be taken by an individual or shared amongst a team or business

This option is ideal for people of the move, freelancers, and business people that love to network

Make use of our hot-desking seats, free WIFI, and take advantage of our break-out areas


Full time full on access to the hot-desking and break out areas any time a member needs it, for as long as they need it

Perfect for working from the same location each week, and sharing time between the office and home

Take advantage of all our facilities and get Anytime member benefits on meeting room bookings

They can be provided on a full or part time basis...

Studio own

A business or individual can get a dedicated space within our Studio Own offices

We’ll provide them with desks and furniture to maximise their productivity, with all the security of having their own space

Comes with the benefit of meeting room credits, and options for a fixed landlines, and business mail handling

Studio share

A membership that offers the option to share a secure Studio with other similar businesses and contacts you have made, with like-minded people.

Suitable if a business needs part week membership for affordability or practical reasons

A private space whilst retaining the option of a good work-life-home-office balance

Studio plus

A private office, that can be made as bespoke as a business requires

We offer consultation and fit-out services to help you plan, design and construct an interior

A membership at an all in cost Options for Premium level service available

What's included...

Free Tea and Coffee

Plus a range of soft drinks (and a 2-worker mug)

Event Exclusives

Lectures, talks and conference space for Q&A's, workshops and more

Breakout Spaces

Time out to relax, mix and mingle in our breakout space

Phone Booths

Pin drop silence for your conference and private calls

Meeting Rooms

Range of spaces and designs for your meetings, interviews, and presentations


To all of our locations to maximise your flexibility


And social opportunities

Intelligently Designed Workspaces

Designed for you and your business

Training Opportunities
Promoting a Healthy Blend of Work and Life
Free Mega Wifi