Landlords & Investors

THE OFFICE IS VERY MUCH ALIVE and personal connection, interaction and innovation can only be achieved in truly collaborative and engaging workspaces.

The future sees a much greater diversity for the office sector, and a true amalgamation of cultural, commercial, retail, and residential sectors...

2-work can help landlords make the most of their assets in this sector with a joint venture agreement, offering the business community flexible office space.

Businesses and individuals demand more choice and control over how, and when and where they work, and 2-work can help landlords understand the new way of working and how to maximise the occupancy of their buildings.


2-work can help landlords make the most of their assets in this sector under Partnering agreements

We are looking for office space of all sizes

Targeting landlords that are looking for a different strategy to deliver shared and flexible office space. We will divide up larger offices into smaller studios that allow for businesses to operate within a shared environment, with a mix of private studios, shared desk areas, and multifunctional collaboration and meetings areas.

We will find you your Tenant

2-work help to select the right space for our Tenant community, and design the space with them to ensure it right for them now, and allows flexibility and adaptability for the future. We want them to stay with us throughout the growth of their business.

Partnering agreements

Landlords are looking for different and new strategic partnering relationships with operators to help make the most of there assets. 2-work can facilitate, coordinate and operate office space under joint venture partnering agreements with landlords.

How the Partnering agreement works

We will find and sign up the tenants for the space through our own marketing and through third party brokers. We aim to have the tenants in place before an agreement is signed.

2-work will operate the space on behalf of the landlord for a management fee, and take individual short or long term leasing agreements with our tenants.

What we're looking for...

We know that the future sees a much greater diversity for the office sector, and a true amalgamation of culture, commercial, and residential sectors

  • Vacant office space
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Spaces and opportunities where we can maximise the mix of office and student accommodation
  • Vacant retail spaces that would suit our flexible office offer to merge the retail and office environment
  • Opportunities for co-living and co-working in diverse co-lab clusters

What is our Managed Lease offer?

Fitted out to suit

We will cordinate all fit out with the occupiers requirements

An expert service

Our occupiers have the confidence that everything is being undertaken by our team of experts

Everything is included

An all in one monthly price, which means it includes the service charge, rates and all running costs

What this means for our tenants...


We give businesses the option to work flexibly, with Flexible terms tailored directly for individual business requirements.

We provide dynamic solutions with creativity in a market that is continuously evolving


Our spaces are flexible and aim to provide the right type of space for our tenants. We are able to adapt with our client base, expanding with them to ensure their environment is suitable for all their business needs.

If a tenant finds out that they don’t have the space they need because their business is growing we will make sure that they don’t need to move. Retaining our tenant community is of the highest importance to us and to our landlords.


We can co-design the space with the tenants off plan using virtual reality.

Our Interior Designers and contractors are experts, and will find the right bespoke layout for them.

We also deliver pre-designed office spaces to suit the more flexible members offering market leading fit-out and furniture innovative spaces.


We take the hassle out of the setup and operation of our spaces, and charge an all in rent with an agreement that suits each business.