Our community starts with our partnering landlords. We’re in this relationship together for the good of the offices we provide for our members

We provide office spaces for our tenants to work collaboratively in a way they just can’t do from home on their own

The 2-work community is made up of both our landlord partners and all of our tenant members. We are one connected entity working together to make business flourish and to maximise the potential for office accommodation in the UK.

We like to find the connecting factor for all of our businesses and create business collaborations to share spaces. In these testing times, where we are working from home for a percentage of the time, we understand that the best way to take office space is to share the costs with another business. We enable you to connect with others, facilitate the arrangement, and manage the space on your behalf, so that you work safely and securely in a Covid friendly environment.

The Health and wellbeing of all of our members is so important, and we will ensure that all sanitisation and solial distancing measures are in place accordingly. Leave it all to us, in the confidence that we will deliver a collaborative space that encourages innovation connectivity and business development.

The 2-work interactive software enables our comminity to be connected instantly through our App. From booking meeting rooms to finding networking opportunities, we are able to unite our members and help make working as easy as possible.


We can also provide a design service to help our businesses create bespoke offices.

...we design the office for you...

Our design team will help you visualise your space so that it is exactly what you need

We help you create a destination

We help you create a space that your staff will find enjoyment and creativity of being back in the office

Our design and consultion teams along with our fitout company will ensure all opportunities and ideas are explored before any concrete decisions are made

...we focus of quality rather than quantity

It is essential for us to ensure you have the right amount of space to enable you to work effectively and efficiently

We realise that there will be times when you are working from home writing reports and performing remotely in the comfort of your own space, so we make sure that the office allows you to work more collaboratively, maximising innovation through meetings and group work

Maximising colaboration space for your growth

...we ensure the mood of the office is right for you

It is so importnat that we design the spaces with you so that you’re able to promote your brand, undertake all the bespoke working methods you may have as a business, and showcase your proposition with your staff and for your guests